Cameron Dallas booty appreciation post

you reblog every time you see this on your dash

put that tongue back in ur mouth mendes or so help me


I’m still working on kind.




The Jonas brothers suck


for everyone wondering what the fuck that quote is from, here ya go


so i saw this post and decided to do some googling and found out she lives in Birch Tree, MO. apparently this happened in late july and authorities have already been contacted. someone on facebook says according to hollie nothing has been done. this is her facebook. i suggest going to her facebook profile picture of her with the spider and read the comments - one says “Omg im calling animal cruelty on you ;-)”. so it’s definitely her. and she and her friends are laughing about this.

this is honestly disgusting and evil to murder starving puppies and laugh and enjoy it. she needs to face the consequences.

i made a new post to guarantee people see this information. if you have any info or corrections please feel free to reblog and add it or send me an ask and i’ll add it.


Signing to @islandrecords !🙆🙆🙆🌴🌴🌴❤️